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New Toye Universal Command Modules

The new Toye Universal/Learn Command Module has these features:

  1. Automatically accepts most proximity card reader Wiegand output formats
    without any programming needed.
  2. Learns up to 16 site codes for auto degraded mode with the flick of a switch.
  3. No more EPROM’s to change out. This unit will work in most existing Toye jobs:
    plug and play.
  4. Available at the same price as the standard 4120/4122 series modules on new
    jobs, and at a very slight up charge for existing jobs.
  5. Old 4120/4122 series command modules can be upgraded to the new 4120-
    L/4122-L modules for doing field service swaps.
  6. The new 4120-L/4122-L Universal/Learn modules are interchangeable with
    existing 4120/4122 modules, and passed UL-294 testing.