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A message from Gordon Morris

gm3I’m pleased to announce that on May 10, 2002, I became the new owner and President of Toye Corporation.

I purchased the company from Bud Toye, who devoted his 40 year career to the building of one of the most well respected Access Control systems manufacturers in the country.

Toye Corporation is an acknowledged industry pioneer, now the oldest manufacturer of security systems in America. Checking out a manufacturer’s track record can often be frustrating, but not in our case. We’ve sold more than 1,500 systems worldwide. They include the FBI system which became the featured cover story in our industry’s largest trade magazine, the IRS, hundreds of hospitals, prominent businesses, and schools around the world and Verizon (Formerly GTE) with more than 500 separate locations.

Today we continue to bring the industry the latest in entry control technology. According to an article in Access Control Magazine, we were the first to develop a “PC” based access system. This development has now become the industry standard, and we’ve continued this leadership by making our “PC” system the simplest to install, the easiest to operate, and the most functionally powerful system for the money available today. And you can select cards and readers of virtually any coding technology.

An industry “first” is our Access Control System Network Controller. This tiny box outperforms any “PC”, is cheaper, and faster. It can be a stand-alone system, or it can connect to a Local or Wide Area Network making features available never before possible.

One reason Toye Corporation systems remain viable for so long is that we support them with a level of personal attention unmatched by anyone.

There are more than 450 Dealers world-wide authorized to design and install our systems, and we’re adding dealers in new territories all the time.

My career has also been devoted to the Access Control Systems industry, and I am fortunate to be acquainted with many existing Toye Corporation customers. I am enthused and anxious to renew these relationships in my new capacity, and invite you to call me personally so that I can share the new vision I bring to this respected organization.

Gordon S. Morris, President

Toye Corporation
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