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New Windows Software

All New Toye Software with These Exciting Features:
1. Works With Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, 32 or 64 bit versions.
2. Connect a dedicated Windows PC directly to the reader data bus
3. Allows card numbers up to 999 Million.
4. Allows up to 500 reader addresses.
5. Allows up to 4 serial ports, a mix of RS-232 and/or USB ports
6. Includes optional sound annunciation for alarms and void cards
7. Includes advanced antipassback and elevator control.
8. Includes a software tool to import most data from old Toye software.
9. Includes extensive reports of history and databases.
10. Uses MS Access database structure, but does not need the MS Access program.

LAN/Networking Options
1. Available using either Access or Microsoft SQL Databases.
2. Allows up to 4 remote sites over a LAN connection without a PC using Lantronix nodes.
3. Allows multiple remote sites using additional PC’s as Network Controllers.
4. Includes remote monitoring software and remote programming software. Minimum PC Specifications for Windows XP, 7 or 8
32 or 64 bit processors
Minimum processor speed 2 GHz
Minimum RAM 1 GB for Win XP, 2GB for Win 7 or 8
Minimum HD size: 100 GB
Ports required: USB and Ethernet
Almost any Standard off the shelf PC will do as long as it is DEDICATED to the Access Control System(ACS). You CANNOT use the PC for other functions. The PC can be networked to other office PC’s if you wish to monitor or program the system remotely. But the actual PC for the ACS must be dedicated to the system ONLY.