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How This Software Tour Works

Our Access Central System is a certified Metasys compatible product, and Toye Corporation is a participant in the Johnson Controls Metasys Partners Program.

Johnson Controls is an international company with more than 70,000 employees. It is a world leader in building automation systems, and Metasys is its flagship product. Metasys is a system designed to integrate Johnson Controls products with those produced by selected other manufacturers like Toye Corporation. This permits Johnson Controls users the option to select  high end building automation systems of their choice, and manage them in a common software environment over a LAN network.

For twenty years, Toye Corporation has been working with Johnson Controls Sales Engineers to win access control jobs and satisfied end users. We were the exclusive supplier of card access for the Johnson Controls JC/80 system, and now we offer access control exclusives no other manufacturer can provide for Metasys:

  • Readers for virtually every technology and encoding scheme
  • No field panels
  • Nine Digit Social Security Number coded cards for schools
  • 65,000 card capacity without an expanded NCU
  • Support for cards numbered up to 1,000,000
  • Up to 127 Readers per NCU
  • More than 1,000 Alarm & B.I. point monitoring. (Reports changes of state to Metasys)
  • Four state alarm contact supervision (optional)
  • Elevator Control provides floor specific programming for “On” and “Off” hour security
  • Runs on Windows 95/98 Work Stations


Access Central Metasys N2 Link software is our latest effort to combine the proven reliability of our technology with that of Johnson Controls. It offers functionality no other access control system has, and does it without complex and costly field panels. Our self-Contained Readers connect directly to a common system bus, and we support most standard card technologies and encoding formats.

You can run the Access Central Access Control software on a Metasys Work Station under Windows 95/98, or you can run the system on an independent “PC” connected to the Metasys N2 bus. In either case, all the access control and alarm data becomes available to Metasys for use by any Operator Work Station connected to the N1 bus.

The Access Central Access Control System has many features and capabilities not specifically accommodated within Metasys, so our design philosophy was to create an integration link that would provide Metasys with the key data it needs over the N2 bus, yet make available the Access Central features to the system as a whole. The Access Central software is a TSR that runs in the background so ongoing Metasys activity is undisturbed.

Unique features include custom card and reader formats that allow end users with existing card systems to use them in Metasys. Virtually every reader technology is supported including Time & Attendance formats that no other access control system can recognize. In addition, we have special software that supports full nine digit social security numbers, and allows the transaction data to flow into Metasys.

All Access Central entry points are stand-alone requiring no central panels or D600’s. There are extensive elevator control functions, plus high end parking control which includes tenant specific space allocation, car pool, space counting, lot full sign control, forced nesting, and automatic transient ticket reading and fee calculations. These are just a few of the features that can add uniqueness and power to the total Metasys package.

Card Access

You can define the access status of every cardholder; when they can enter, which days, which doors, and which holidays. All transactions are archived to a hard disk file and also sent to Metasys via the N2 Link. You can generate activity reports both through the Access Central software or through PMI.

The system is designed to grow when your needs grow. It will control up to 65,000 cards and 127 entry points. Every reader is independent, so when you need to add additional entry points in the future, just connect them directly to the system’s network cable.

Alarm Monitoring

You can monitor up to 2,000 individual alarm points in Access Central (1008 may be reported to Metasys), and you can decide when each should report, and when each should be silent. Incoming alarms are annunciated visually and with “beeps” in case you are working in another program. Alarm inputs can activate output relays, and can trigger the execution of a BATch file.

Parking Management

We’ve integrated our industry acclaimed parking management software into the system. It includes every variation of Anti-Pass-Back with selectable Soft or Hard enforcement at either or both entrances or exits with valet and staff exemption levels. For lots without exit readers, there is every variation of Timed Anti-Pass-Back with menu selectable recycle times. Also available is Hard Nesting, Car Pool Control, and Tenant Specific Space Allocation.

Up to 80 (or more) Electronic Counters can count up, count down, or count differentially to control lot full signs. Included are counter activity reports, and a special spread sheet style daily reconciliation report. (Works on host OWS only)

Elevator Floor Access Control

With our optional 16 Relay Output Module, the software will let you designate exactly which floors, and during which times and days each cardholder may gain floor access. You can program free public access days and times, and secure days and times, and like all other user defined parameters, you can program holiday exceptions, and specific date ranges which require special programming scenarios.

The system will control virtually any number of floors and any number cars with each cardholder programmed for access to any combination of floors and cars.

A new optional (no extra cost) feature uses a P.I.N. Prox reader for floor selection. Simply present a valid card, and select a floor from the reader’s built-in keypad. If authorized , the car will go to that floor, and create a log entry showing the time and date, cardholder’s name, and the floor selected.

V.I.P. Tracking

This new feature shows an alphabetized listing of individuals you want to track. Their name is displayed on a special screen the moment they arrive, and removed when they leave. A perpetual counter always tells you how many people are in the facility including those not being tracked. (Works on host OWS only)

Remote Work Station Controls

You can unlock any door instantly from any Metasys Work Station, you can monitor alarms, and you can be alerted to any device problem that may occur on the access control system bus.

Our specialty is custom installations, and we help Johnson Controls obtain jobs that no off-the-shelf system can handle, and we bring that functionality into the Metasys environment. If you have an access control application, let us know, and we will respond immediately with a custom proposal.